Your Own First Responder

There will be times when you will need to be your own first responder. What do we mean by this?

How long is the response time for other first responders to get on scene? What happens during a disaster situation, especially when the incident is widespread. Wilderness situations where communications is limited and additional assistance is hours away.

Even in urban environment will the person(s) needed assistance be able to wait long enough for responders to arrive?

When you are in familiar conditions who better to initiate first response than you?

Cyber Security

The protection of computer networks, computers and  data stored within computers.

Cloud Servers
Encrypted Email
Encrypted Email Archives

Access Control

Access Control Systems provide the means to protect physical access to our homes and business as well as a way to monitor when someone has been in a facility or currently indicated to be in a particular location.  Along with Video Surveillance capability awareness of potential threats can be discovered and necessary resources alerted to the hazards presented.